Marvel: The Next Big Thing Liveblog

Posted on March 20, 2011. Filed under: Convention, Entertainment, Previews |

By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

At NYCC, the Marvel Next Big Thing panel was one of the most interesting and entertaining panels, and I hope is one continues the trend. We’ll be listening to Brian Michael Bendis, David Liss, Fred Van Lente, Tom Brennan, Daniel Ketchum, and C.B. Cebulski.

So, what’s Marvel’s next big thing? Bendis talked a little bit about the Ultimate Death of Spider-Man, which has been solicited recently, but we don’t know too much about it. If you read Ultimate comics still, this is definitely something to look for.

Up next, Van Lente talk about Herc. The two-word pitch for this title is Urban Conan. This sounds like a fresh take on the character, and one that has been a long time coming.

Liss talks about his upcoming Black Panther stuff. While the first arc explored BP in New York fighting the crime boss Vlad the Impaler, the second while involve Storm and BP fighting Kraven e Hunter.

Mystery Men: creative team David Liss writing, Patrick Zircher on art. This series will push back the origins of the Marvel heroes to more pulpy stories set in 1939. This sounds like a fairly interesting story.

Greg Pak will be leaving Incredible Hulks after his final arc, Heart of the Monster, which starts in June.

The Iron Age will see the Marvel Universe destroyed by Dark Phoenix, with Iron Man tasked with a trip through time to save the planet. Could be interesting, but we’ll see.

Supreme Power will also be returning to the Marvel Universe, starting in July of this year. Kyle Higgins writes, Manuel Garcia draws, and Kyle seems like he has a handle on the characters, and he definitely is a fan of the previous Supreme Power stories.

Unsurpsingly, Marvel doesn’t seem to think that orginal graphic novels are a viable business model for comics.

Marvel Man: Marvel is working in getting that out as soon as they can.

Holy crap, powerless Herc versus new Hobgoblin! I cannot wait to read that.

What?!? No Cho in Herc? Man…well, at least Fred will be writing something for Fear Itself featuring Amadeus.

As a response to DC’s Drawing the Line at 2.99, Marvel is keeping their current 3.99 books at that price points, but newer books they will attempt to price at 2.99.

Runaways will see some more in print, but they can’t really give us an exact time frame on those.

Also, everyone hates Iron Fist’s green costume.

Keep an eye out in X-Men for more vampires and Blade. If you need more vampires in anything.

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear has no plans to wrap up and reinsert Daredevil into the title.

Van Lente hints that Taskmaster may appear in Alpha Flight.

And that’s about it for the Next Big Thing panel, and also the C2E2 convention as a whole! It’s been a lot of fun, thank you Chicago!

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