Brightest Day Panel Liveblog

Posted on March 20, 2011. Filed under: Convention, Entertainment |

By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

Brightest Day, DC’s biweekly follow up to Blackest Night will be discussed by editor Eddie Berganza, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado.

Honestly, the DC panels at this convention have been kind of disappointing, but since Brightest Day is almost over, I’m a little hopeful that this one will have some decent information about what we can expect from this storyline after it’s officially over.

So far, no good, as it’s just a recap of the story thus far.

“Ivan Reis has done the coolest Aquaman ever,” is a quote that sets the bar fairly low. Aquaman talks to fish.

Most of this panel is wild beeping. Talk about doing the sound effects with their mouth while drawing Aquaman using his powers, ala Super Friends.

Ooh, a Brightest Day teaser from the next issue! Here we go: and it’s an ambiguous quote. That’s too bad, really, I thought we were getting something.

And we’re going to audience questions already. This is a really short panel, apparently.

DC, I have to say, I’m really disappointed in the content and quality of your panels. I understand that it’s a marketing tactic, trying to get people excited about picking up your books to come, but in order to build that excitement, you need to let us know some things that we can look forward to. I’m going to have to think long and hard about going to your panels at future cons. For now, I’m off to my next Marvel panel, where they actually know how to hook a fan.

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2 Responses to “Brightest Day Panel Liveblog”

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Aquaman rocks, but sheep will follow so keep dropping that “he talks to fish!” line.

It was mostly just annoying that they kept making that freaking sound. If I’m being honest, I do like Aquaman more than I let on.

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