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Posted on March 19, 2011. Filed under: Convention, Entertainment |

By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

The comics industry, like any industry, needs to adapt and grow to continue to be viable in the business world of today. In this panel, David Steinberger of ComiXology and Milton Griepp of ICv2 will give their thoughts on the state of comics for the future, whether it’s in digital or print. Also joining this panel are Patrick Bpwer of Challenger Comics, and writer of Box 13, David Gallaher.

Frankly, I’m a little surprised at the turnout for this panel. As it’s something that effects every comic fan, I’d think that every comic fan would be interested in.

It’s important to note that ComiXology has recently announced self-authoring service. Aspiring writers, take note!

Looking back on 2010, unsurprisingly, the print part of the comics industry saw a bit of a downturn, Griepp states that it’s mostly an issue of content, not an issue related to price.

Patrick, a retailer, saw an increase in sales, but says it’s not really from the big two publishers, and is certainly content driven.

The iPad and the breadth of new creative voices were named as the panelist’s best things a from 2010. Griepp, more versed in pop culture, also named Scott Pilgrim and The Walking Dead.

Patrick says he doesn’t expect people to come in for major movie tie-in comics, like Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America.

Steingberger echoes Griepp’s sentiments, saying that Scott Pilgrim and The Walking Dead performed excellently digitally.

Named as low points for 2010 were the loss of Waldenbooks, and other comic stores closing, as well as the lack of original comic content.

Looking forward to 2011, the panel sees the closing of Borders as a big problem, and a lack of education on the digital medium are some of the biggest challenges that the industry will face.

Wow, a digital lending program(not endorsed by ComiXology) would be a really awesome idea…

ComiXology will be releasing a comics for kids app, and has some big news coming up in the next 6 months.

This panel has been very informative and interesting, but now I need to hightail it to the Fear Itself panel, so we’ll see you over at that post!

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