Marvel: Fear Itself Liveblog

Posted on March 19, 2011. Filed under: Convention, Entertainment |

By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

As you’re all hopefully aware, Fear Itself is Marvel’sbig event comic this year, dealing with the Agardian god of fear. I’m actuallly looking forward to this title quite a hit, and I hope that they give us a decent amount of information during this panel.

Panelists for is panel include Matt Fraction, Brian Michael Bendis, Friend of By Odin’s Beard Fred Van Lente, C.B. Cebulski, Nick Spencer, And Mike Pasciullo.

Fear itself, the reason we’re all here. Fraction let’s us know that Odin might not be the All-Father, with the Red Skull playing a big part. The main exciting news is at the full story will be available in e 7 issues, and tie-ins are not required.

Even though they’re not required, the tie-in comics will expand the story. Fraction’s words were that you will not be penalized for not reading all the tie-in comics.

I’m really looking into Gillen’s Journey into Mystery tie-in, and of course I will be getting the Avengers tie-in books as well.

Bendis is taking a different narrative tack than he usually does, so I’m kind of looking forward to that.

Nick Spencer promises some ramifications for a lot of the Secret Avengers, and also announces that he’ll be using the Immortal Weapons on Iron Man 2.0.

Pak and Van Lente’s Alpha Flight sounds kind of like a Canadian Civil War.

Also spinning out of Fear Itself is The Deep, focusing on Dr. Strange and Namor.

Hell on Wheels is a new Ghost Rider book, written by Rob Williams, art by Matt Clark.

And now audience questions! Here we go:

Wow, Howard the Duck will be in Fear Itself: Fearsome Four! And Deadpool in Hammer pants!

Fear itself will have a big impact on Captain America, obviously, but Fraction says that Fear Itself will deal with both Steve and Bucky.

Also, the Hulk will play a big part in the stories.

Bendis will be dealing with the ramifications of the death of Brother Voodoo in upcoming books, with the search for the new Sorceror Supreme.

Cebulski talk about event fatigue, saying that the folks at Marvel have been trying to focus on writing good stories, instead of putting out event after event. They promise that Fear Itself will be one that hopefully matters and doesn’t break the bank.

And that’s about all the good questions from the audience.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and don’t forget to come back in about an hour for the Avengs Assemble liveblog!

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