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Posted on March 18, 2011. Filed under: Convention, Previews |

By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

So liveblogging the GL panel went so smoothly that I decided to do it again for the DC Nation panel. Be sure to refresh often, as I’ll be updating often! Enjoy!

Dan Didio is leading this panel, which will talk about the upcoming events in the DC Universe.

Also joining Didio is Bob Wade, Paul Cornell, Scott Snyder, Gail Simone, and Bill Willingham.

Didio lets us know that the DC Nation panel is specifically designed to hear the voice of the fans.

DC will be reinstating letters pages in their comics. In Marvel news, they have been doing this for quite a long time.

Wow, someone actually likes Outsiders…

No real Brightest Day or War of the Green Lanterns, Dan just mentioned Flashpoint. And apparently Cyborg is going to be the breakout character of the story, much like Mera was in Blackest Night.

So this panel seems to be more jokes than actual information.

And Didio can answer a question without answering it.

If you’re here tomorrow, you can get your very own Flashpoint T-shirt!

Flashpoint is a major event, which, with the cancellation of some other titles, will try to bring the focus back to some of the characters from recently cancelled titles.

A lot of Flashpoint minis and tie-ins will deal with some Elseworlds.

And now to the audience questions! To lead up to Flashpoint, Didio suggests that you read up on Boost Gold, The Flash, and Rip Hunter: Time Masters: Vanishing Point.

DC’s Free Comic Book Day book will feature some Flashpoint previews.

Abnett and Lanning will be doing some Flashpoint minis and have “some” work for DC going forward.

Flashpoint will have less ongoing series tie-ins than Blackest Night had, as DC will be doing more self-contained stories.

Wow, this panel has degenerated to a debate over Wonder Woman’s costume, whether or not she has pants. No mention of that coat…

Didio says he likes Wednesday Comics. This is not an endorsement for another, but it means that the industry is looking to going at way. That has me kind of excited.

Special mention of comics reaching #900, specially Action Comics. An image announcing the “Reign of Doomsday” accompanies this part of the talk, which will be written by Paul Cornell.

A question mentioned in both panels so far: Will there be a new Deadman ongoing? The answer given both times it was asked was fairly ambiguous.

DC is definitely looking into more all ages stuff, with some reprints due, like DC Showcase.

Going forward, Adventure Comics is going to be more of an anthology book, with the lead characters changing periodically.

When is Batwoman coming out? Dan says there are several issues ready to go, so look forward to that!

There wil be both a second Superman Earth One, as well as Batman Earth One.

And that’s about it! Thanks for reading my liveblog, next one should be the State of the Comicsphere, tomorrow at about noon!

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