New York Comic Con Wrap-Up: Mimobot and Sega

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By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

So I’m still trying to get through all of the information and interviews I did at New York Comic Con, and I wanted to tell you all about these guys first.

I had a chance to meet up with the people at Mimoco, makers of Mimobot Designer Flash Drives on Saturday, the busiest day of the con.  Even though the crowd was hard to move through and everyone wanted to see everything, especially the booth with the Star Wars and Hello Kitty flash drives and the Boba Fett DJ, Alex from Mimoco was nice enough to talk to me about their product for a few minutes.

BOB: So, why don’t you tell me a little bit about your product?

Alex: Mimoco is the maker of Mimobot designer USB flash drives, which use USB 2.0 technology, but have character-based designs.  We have some really cool licenses like Star Wars, Sanrio Hello Kitty, and original artist, and our own core series of original characters.

BOB: Ok, are they any other licenses other than the ones that you mentioned?

Alex: Yeah, we go through different licenses all the time, and actually we’re coming out with some really exciting stuff for the end of this year and in 2011.  There are some really cool things to look forward to, but that are still under wraps.

BOB: I noticed, looking at some of the Star Wars Mimobots, that you have different removable helmets, like Darth Vader and Stormtroopers.  Are those limited edition, or collectible at all?

Alex: Well, everything we do is kind of limited edition.  We’re on Series 6 of Star Wars right now, so we’ve released 6 series of characters, and all of them get sold out, for example Boba Fett was a huge, huge character for us.  He sold out and people still ask about him.  The removable helmets with the face underneath was one of the cooler elements we came up with for the Star Wars line.  That was a new cap design for us, and it works just great with the Vader, Stormtroopers, Boba Fett like I mentioned.  Another thing we do is we have chase variants, so you can get the young Anakin or old Anakin from Return of the Jedi as Darth Vader, or with the Stormtroopers, it’s either Luke or Han under there.  We did a really cool limited edition for last year’s Comic Con I believe, where it was Luke Vader, from Dagobah, so you remove Vader’s helmet and it’s Luke underneath.

BOB: Can you give me some specs on the drives?

Alex: Well, it’s really high-quality USB 2.0, and the transfer rates are comparable to anything else of this generation.  The drives we have available here today come in 4, 8, and 16 gigabyte capacities, with 2 gigabyte drives available online as well.  Actually, that’s the best way to find them, online at  They can also be found in specialty stores, tech stores, museum shops, art stores and things like that.  And then all the cool conventions, we’re here on the ground, everywhere you’d want to be.  This year is our fifth year anniversary.  So we’re totally psyched.  We opened our doors at San Diego Comic Con 5 years ago, and we were back there this summer, we’re here at New York Comic Con, we’ve been here every year as well.

BOB: Are you guys doing anything special for the 5th year anniversary?

Alex: Yeah, we had some really cool Star Wars limited characters out, we announced a really cool partnership with Sanrio, marking their 50th anniversary, so we have all new Sanrio characters, and we’re just surging ahead.  Again, we have some really cool stuff coming out at the end of the year.

BOB: Anything you can tell me about that?

Alex: Unfortunately I can’t say just yet, but maybe check back with us in about a month, and I’ll be telling you so much, you’ll want to shut me up.

BOB: Anything else you want to say?

Alex: As a product, it’s perfect for Comic Cons because it’s a perfect marriage of tech and character, and you’ve got the utility, but it’s also a really cool design  they’re cool designer toys, and it’s something people can identify with, like I carry mine around all the time.  Right now I have a Hello Kitty with me, and I’ve also got a C-3PO, which is awesome because Threepio is a robot and he stores things.

Over all, the Mimoco people were really cool about answering all my questions and even gave me a sample of the product to try out.  I was able to get a 4GB C-3PO flash drive, which is really cool for me because I’m actually a big fan of Star Wars, and to have a C-3PO to carry around extra files in has me pretty stoked.  As soon as I was back to my hotel, I whipped him out to give him a test drive, see how well he worked.  It was a snap to get him working with my laptop, as it uses plug and play technology.  As Alex said, the data transfer rates were very good, and I was able to store all of my recordings from the convention and all of the photos I took on the show floor there within the blink of an eye.

I’d say that if you have need of a reliable USB flash drive and want something that stands apart from the ordinary, maybe something to showcase a unique interest, like Star Wars, or Hello Kitty, or any of their other designs, look no further than Mimoco.

I also had a chance to sit down and talk with the people at Sega, including the director for the Thor game, being released to coincide with the new Thor movie, and one of the developers of the Captain America game, being released to coincide with the Captain America movie.  You can hear my thoughts on that over at Nerds on the Rocks, which you can listen to by clicking that link!  There’s still a little bit more New York Comic Con wrap up to come, so stick around!

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