Mortals, Take Cover! 10/21/10

Posted on October 21, 2010. Filed under: Reviews |

By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

So, it’s Thursday and that means a couple things: new comics were released yesterday, and By Odin’s Beard has taken a look at the covers from the Big Two and found them worthy…mostly.  Let’s see what I thought of this batch:

10. Chaos War #2

This cover makes it in solely based on the anticipation factor.  In truth, the cover is kind of odd, as all the characters have a bit of an “uncanny valley” feel, especially an oddly hairless Hercules.

9. Carnage #1

Carnage gets second to last place because the cover, except for variants, does not feature the title character.  That said, this is a really good drawing of Iron Man and Spidey.

8. Green Lantern Corps #53

Gotta say, even though it’s a standard pose for a cover, right next to the “posturing heroes” cover type, the Weaponer makes this cover look fairly good, even if he’s about to decapitate Kyle.

7. Thor: First Thunder #2

One of two Loki covers to make the cut this week, I love this Asgardian in his classic Trickster pose.

6. Hulk #26

Some of my favorite comics recently were the first Straczynski issues of Thor, with guest stars like Iron Man, and somehow this cover feels a little like that.

5. DC Halloween Special 2010 #1

An interesting cover with a lot going on, it’s unfortunate that some of the art is covered by other cover elements.  Wonder Woman’s new costume doesn’t look so bad here, huh?

4. Loki #1

The second Loki cover to grace this week’s list, it manages a higher spot for a more eye-catching image, specifically Loki holding Mjolnir, but also for the look on his face.  Priceless.

3. Ragman: Suit of Souls #1

After reading last week’s Untold Tales of Blackest Night, I’m pretty jazzed about Ragman, to tell you the truth, and this cover only bolsters that.  Excellent work here.

2. Justice League of America #50

Crime Syndicate.  ‘Nuff said.  I’ll probably be buying this title just for that, too.

1. Batman Beyond #5

A simple propaganda-style poster, but it immediately caught my eye.  If I weren’t already getting this title, this cover would have convinced me to track down the other 4 parts and pull the 6th.

And that’s it for this week!  Thanks for stopping by!

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