New York Comic Con Wrap-Up: Sunday

Posted on October 15, 2010. Filed under: Convention |

By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

Sunday was a smaller day than Saturday, but a good day nonetheless.  Sunday I tried to give myself more time to wander the show floor, trying to get to see some more new comics and trying to find some good independent titles.  I have a stack of postcards and fliers to go through for promising projects yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know what I found.  The only panel I had scheduled was the Marvel: The Next Big Thing panel.

The Marvel: The Next Big Thing panel was attended by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb, Dan Slott, Mark Paniccia, and Jason Aaron.  The panel started off with Pak and Van Lente talking about Chaos War, which I’m going to assume you’ve all read by now.  We moved on to Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning talking about the end of The Thanos Imperative, and one more book following the end of that called Devastation, which will deal with the cosmic Marvel Universe after The Thanos Imperative.  Abnett and Lanning will be writing a new Heroes for Hire book following the Thanos Imperative, which will feature a less than traditional team, with some characters not even aware that they’re working towards the same goal as the other character on the team. It sounds very interesting, I think I’ll check it out.

Jonathan Hickman was not able to join the panel, but there was some discussion about Fantastic Four, and the current story arc, Three.  Next we heard a little bit about the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man stuff, which will be written solely by Dan Slott, including Peter Parker getting a new job, which has been a source of drama in recent Spider books, he’ll be working to expand his tools for fighting crime past webshooters and spider-signal to more weaponry and new costumes, which could be risky, but I’ll defer to Slott’s judgment until I see it in action.  Hobgoblin will be returning in the first arc of Big Time.  In other villain related news, Mac Gargan will be losing the Venom symbiote and will be returning to his former costumed identity, the Scorpion.  Leaving us as an audience to wonder where the symbiote will be going next.  Each issue for Spider-Man will be 30 pages, twice a month, which I think is really cool.

Up next was a little bit of info about Ultimate Comics, starting off with Ultimate Comics Thor, which is interesting because it’s actually available for download the same day that it’s available in stores.  The downside being if you want a physical copy and a digital copy, you would need to buy it twice, but its still notable for the identical release dates.  The book promises a different take on Thor than what we’ve seen in Marvel 616, but what previews I’ve read don’t make it seem too different.  Next up was Ultimate X, by Jeph Loeb.  Loeb answered the question “What’s next for Ultimate X?” by saying “Hopefully issue 4.”  Apparently the title has seen some delays due to changes in the artist’s life, which is understandable.  Issue 5 will see the introduction of a new Hulk character.  Jeph then moved on to New Ultimates, which features the characters not used in Ultimates.

Brian Michael Bendis was next to speak, naturally about Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, which he has been writing for 10 solid years.  News for that book included the introduction of a new swing artist in Sara Pichelli, who is apparently the first female artist to draw Spider-Man on a regular basis.  This year will see the numbering return to the original numbering with issue #151, to follow issue #16.

Jason Aaron was announced as the writer on a new Ultimate Captain America book.  Speaking about it, he seemed very passionate about the story, although he seemed to feel a little bad  at what he was going to do to Cap in his book.  He spoke a little about a replacement Captain America that took over the mantle during the Vietnam War, and was left as a different Captain America than the one that Steve Rogers became.  The idea of a second Captain America, a replacement, has been done before in the comics, but never quite like this, so I’m interested to see what Jason Aaron comes up with for this story.  Jason Aaron seemed like a soft-spoken guy, which is a little bit strange, considering the stuff that he writes.  Now, I know that what someone writes isn’t necessarily indicative of someone as a person.

Lastly was a Q&A session, but there was really no big news on that.  The last thing I did on Sunday was wander the show floor a little bit more to try and catch anything I missed, and get some last minute pictures, which you should see later today.

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