New York Comic Con Wrap-Up: Friday

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By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

So if you’ve been keeping up on the news, you know that this last weekend was a pretty big deal for the comic community, as New York Comic Con was held at the Javits Center.  If you haven’t been keeping up on the news, I just told you.  I had a chance to attend this years con as a member of the press, which allowed me access to the con floor and all of the panels, as well as access to some exhibitors looking to get the word out about their projects and products.  Starting today, I’ll be covering my experience at the con day by day, and I’ll even throw in some pieces for the exhibitors I got the chance to interview.

We started the day by heading to the press office to get our badges, and then almost immediately headed to one of the panel rooms for the Spotlight on Geoff Johns panel.  Now, I’ve never met Geoff Johns, and I didn’t know what to expect, but what I got a was a panel that felt more like a discussion amongst a room of friends than a sales pitch.  Geoff was very relaxed, and the whole thing seemed very impromptu, but still organized nonetheless.  As you can see from the picture(left), rather than sitting at a table talking to the audience, Mr. Johns walked to the very front of his stage, stood in a nice spot where the entire audience could see him, and just talked with the audience.   He teased some comic projects, like the Larfleeze Christmas Special, which was solicited in Previews, and the possibility of a Dex-Starr Valentine’s Day Special, where everyone’s favorite angry space kitty will meet up with the Kryptonian Superdog!  Also among Geoff’s comic book news: he announced a new speedster that will be seen in the pages of the Flash series coming up, a police character named Hot Pursuit, who uses a motorcycle powered by the Speedforce.

Next up, Geoff announced the upcoming Speedforce and Flash Point titles(due out in the first half of 2011), which, obviously, will center around the Flash family in some fashion.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a Geoff Johns panel if he didn’t at least talk a little bit about Green Lantern, so he told the audience about some things to look forward to.  In issues 59 and 60 of the core Green Lantern title, we’ll learn some more about the Indigo Tribe, the origin of the various lanterns used by each corps, and of course the rings that go with them, not to mention the fate of Black Hand.  One thing that really impressed me was Geoff’s assertion that, contrary to the belief of some comic fans, bringing back Barry Allen does not mean that the Flash comic is going to be exclusively stories about Barry, but will also feature stories with Wally West and Bart Allen, and maybe even Jay Garrick, all in a Flash Family kind of dynamic.  As you know if you’ve been reading Brightest Day, Geoff likes Aquaman, and when asked during the Q&A about any plans he might have for any other B-List heroes, he was very quick to mention that he doesn’t think there are really any B-List heroes in the DC Universe.  That said, he did let it slip that he has some plans for Aquaman coming up after Brightest Day.

In other DC-related media news, he talked about some things that have already been announced and elaborated on some things, most notably the Green Lantern movie and upcoming Cartoon Network Green Lantern series.  Geoff elaborated some on Mark Strong as Sinestro, and said that the way he was trying to get into Sinestro’s head and trying to understand the character will make sure that he comes across as he’s supposed to.  That reaffirmed my belief that the movie’s going to be at least passable, if not downright good.  Geoff also announced that the final season of Smallville(currently airing) will feature another episode that he wrote, with appearances by Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, although he made it seem like it would not be Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle we’ll be seeing, but rather Jaime Reyes.  As you all know from internet buzz, the Flash movie is likely coming out, and Geoff hinted that he’s going to be involved in some fashion, although whether it’s just in his new role at DC or whether he’s going to be involved in some writing capacity, he didn’t say.  He also talked a bit about the Suicide Squad game that’s been mentioned, as well as the possibility of a live action Blue Beetle show, but again, not much was said beyond the mention.  The last thing to mention about the Geoff Johns panel was a nice moment that he shared with a military veteran.  When asked about a signing opportunity, Mr. Johns thanked him for his service and offered to sign his books right there if he would bring them to the front.  It was a very touching and humanizing moment for Geoff.

Next up on Friday, after some time spent wandering the show floor and checking out some booths to meet some of my favorite creators and try to make some connections, was my meet and greet with the great Stan Lee.  It was about 64 other con goers and I who were lucky enough to get to meet Stan Lee, and it was great.  The guy is looking pretty good for his age, and I was seated in a place where I got to see his interactions with all the other fans.  Most touching were the girl who actually broke into tears upon meeting him, and the younger fans that got him to sign some of their favorite books.  Each person got to get 1 item signed and were also given a limited edition lithograph, drawn by J. Scott Campbell and autographed by Lee and Campbell.  After spending some time signing, Stan had to go, but he was one of the nicest creators I have ever met.  And speaking of nice creators, I also ran into Walt Simonson, legendary Thor writer/artist and creator of Beta Ray Bill, on my way out.  I’ve met Mr. Simonson before, but it was nice to be recognized by him and have a conversation.

Lastly, we attended an advance screening of the new show from Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, Sherlock.  The show was witty, engaging, and loads of fun.  The show first aired in the UK on the BBC over the summer, and will air on PBS through Masterpiece Mystery on October 24th, with two episodes on the following 2 weeks.  The show is a different take on Sherlock Holmes, putting the detective in a modern setting.  It comes highly recommended from me, and the rest of the audience seemed to agree.

That brings Friday to a close, but it was still a lot to see and do, especially for the shortest convention day.  Up next, Saturday!

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my friend the meet and greet was a disgrace due to the Pow! staff. not what we paid for.

It may not have been what we expected, but we still got to meet Stan Lee, which was nice.

Long time viewer / first time poster. Really enjoy reading the blog, keep up the excellent work. Will most definitely start posting more in the near future.

Hey, thanks! Glad to see that someone’s enjoying what I do here. There are some big things in the works for the bog, coming soon, so you’re in on the ground floor.

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