The Asgardian Trade Commission 9/26/10

Posted on September 26, 2010. Filed under: Reviews |

By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

So it’s Sunday evening, which means it’s time for another Asgardian Trade Commssion.  As the month of September draws to a close, so does my theme month.  Today, I’ll be reviewing The Initiative: Volume 1 by Dan Slott.  I became familiar with Dan Slott first through his GLA miniseries and his Thing miniseries, and seeing him in person and hearing him talk made him into one of my favorite creators.  Without anything further, let’s talk about the book!

Avengers: The Initiative: Basic Training(volume 1)

Marvel Comics, $14.99

Dan Slott, Stefano Caselli, Tom Brevoort

Collecting Issues #1-6

Ok, so this story starts right around the Superhero Civil War and the Superhuman Registration act, so there’s a reason I hadn’t read it or even heard that Slott had written it until long after it was collected in trade.  Since I started getting comics, I’ve always had a weak spot for Iron Man and the stories that get told with the character, but I’ve loved Captain America since the first time I played as him in the Marvel Superheroes arcade game, so during the Civil War, I got behind Cap.  And then when he died, well…I didn’t believe that they would kill his character like that.  I was crushed, and as such, I decided that I would have as little to do with Tony Stark as I could.  That issue of Thor where he beats the crap out of Tony and leaves him powerless in the rain?  Very therapeutic for me.  Anyway, I picked up this issue solely on the power of Dan Slott’s name alone, as I’ve never been disappointed by the guy since I became aware of him(the less said about what I thought of the GLA, the better).  Slott does not disappoint in this collection, either.  He takes a great cast of characters, including Hank Pym, who’s now one of my favorites, as well as some new characters(or at least new to me,) and a bunch of New Warriors characters, who were central to the events of Civil War, and he makes reading about them fun.  He makes it all feel very personal, and he gets you to laugh, but he also gets you to care about what happens to the character, and that’s something that not every comic creator, and certainly not every big name comic creator can do.  What Slott does here will have you clamoring for the next collection, or to find out the next part of the lives of these characters will be like.  He also does a great job of threading some things through at least the first 3 trades-worth of his book, which is all I’ve read at this point, but honestly, it’s all worth it.  At a price of $14.99(although if you wade through discount bins at a con, you can likely find it cheaper) this book is a steal, worth every penny.  Do yourself a favor, and add it to your list.

Volstagg’s Beard 4/5

And that’s it for this week, Be sure to check back next week, and all throughout this week for more comic nonsense!

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