Mortals, Take Cover! 9/16/10

Posted on September 16, 2010. Filed under: Reviews |

By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

So, it’s Thursday, new books were out yesterday, so let’s see what the big comic companies had as far as covers are concerned.  It’s time for Mortals, Take Cover!

10. Brightest Day #10

A well made cover, but I’m almost certain that this will happen nowhere in the issue.

9. Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #2

An attention grabbing cover, to be sure, but not much else to it.  Still, it’s nice to look at.

8. Shadowland: Ghost Rider #1

Has Ghost Rider looking badass?  Check.  Has Daredevil, since this is a Shadowland book?  Check.

7. X-Factor #209

I like the setting, I like the action, I love the characters’ expressions(especially Madrox), this is a really fun cover to look at!

6. Hellblazer #271

Huh.  I guess this arc isn’t really over yet, despite what the title says.

5. Amazing Spider-Man #643

I’m not sure who’s responsible exactly, but Origin of Species has a really cool event cover.  I would buy it as a poster.

4. The Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet #2

Ok, it’s a fairly standard “villain triumphant” cover, but it made it this high up the list because I’m really excited to read this one.

3. Tiny Titans #32

I love the play on the classic covers of the Silver Age, it’s a lot of fun.

2. The Unwritten #17

The play on the board game is incredibly clever, and the layout is just as fresh as I’ve come to expect from The Unwritten.

1. The Thanos Imperative #3 2nd Printing

Now, I usually try to steer away from 2nd printings, but I love this image so much that it had to go up at #1.  I just wish I could find an image of the full wraparound cover, it’s so awesome.

And that’s it for this week!  Be sure to come back next week, though, and in the meantime, check out my other stuff!  Thanks for reading!

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