The Asgardian Trade Commission 8/15/10

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By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

Another Sunday, another post about a graphic novel!  Also, don’t forget about the Scott Pilgrim contest.  As of this writing, I have 6 entries, so you still have plenty of time and a great chance to win, so enter!  You know you want to.

Thunderbolts: Justice, Like Lightning…

Marvel Comics, $19.95

Kurt Busiek, Mark Bagley

Collecting Thunderbolts #1-4, Thunderbolts Annual 97, Incredible Hulk #449, Tales Of The Marvel Universe, and Spider-Man Team-Up Featuring… #7

The Thunderbolts are a fresh idea in a time when comics needed them.  If you don’t know by now, you’re probably never going to know(and plus, you can probably get the picture just by looking at the cover anyway), so I’m not going to feel bad about spoiling a storyline that’s a decade old.  In this point in the Marvel Universe, almost all of the heroes were believed dead as a result of Onslaught.  There was a void that needed to be filled, and a team of super-powered individuals stepped forward to do so, not letting the world know that they were really former villains, using this as an opportunity to try and take over the world again.  It would have worked, too, but Baron Zemo, leader of the group under the guise of Citizen V, didn’t count on his teammates legitimately enjoying becoming heroes.  Now, I’ve read Thunderbolts since the start of the most recent volume, but this is the first time I was able to read the actual start of the team, and even though the art and the writing are very clearly products of the 90’s(which is not to say bad, it’s just that the 90’s had their own style), the story still holds up after all that time.  I can imagine being a comic reader at the time and being shocked by the reveal at the end of the first issue.  I imagine I would have bought this title for the exact reason my collection holds all of the Dark Avengers books: the desire to see the bad guys get put down.  I can imagine how infuriating it must have been to see Spider-Man let these villains slip through his fingers, I can imagine how gratifying it must have been to see the new good guy they inadvertently created, and to see some of the villains come around to a more heroic way of thinking.  Altogether, Thunderbolts is one of the best works I’ve read from the time it was produced, and I’m not surprised to say that it holds up to time very well.  Are you a fan of what’s been done with them recently?  Pick up this trade and see where the story began.

Odin’s Beard 5/5

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