The Asgardian Trade Commission Special 8/12/10

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By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

Alright, one last volume to review.  Be sure to tell your friends about the giveaway, too!  But without anything further…

Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour (Volume 6)

Oni Press, $11.99

Bryan Lee O’Malley

Released just a few weeks ago, Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour really is what the title says.  It might be O’Malley’s finest hour to date, as well.  First off, as with every volume before this one, the art just gets better.  And while you spend the first…I’m going to say third of the book feeling bad for Scott and hoping he gets his act together, by the time he fights Shadow Scott(another gaming reference if I’ve ever seen one), you know things are going to get good.  The Gideon Triforce shirt is a fantastic touch for those of us that get the reference, and I think that’s most of the readers(If you don’t consider yourself a gamer and you’ve gotten this far, congrats!  Most of the jokes and references went right over your head!).  The book manages to tug on your heartstrings a bit too, making you fee terrible and shocked when Scott loses his Power of Love sword(As seen on the cover and at the end of Volume 4), and really gets to you with the two or three blank pages in the middle.  It’s nice to reference the extra life that Scott won in Volume 3, as I always love it when a series has a memory.  Although, the location of the final fight is a little weird, I’m willing to forgive the book its quirks, simply because of how it was able to hold my attention over the course of the series, how much I actually was able to identify with the characters, and how many little things it felt like O’Malley threw in specifically for me.  I think that’s the greatness of Scott Pilgrim as a series, if you’re in the intended audience, it feels like it was written specifically for you.  Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour is the perfect way to end a stellar comic series, even if it is a bittersweet ending.  I wish Scott and Ramona the best of luck in the future.

Odin’s Beard 5/5

And that’s all the Scott Pilgrim books.  If you haven’t read them yet, DO SO NOW!  If you’re artistically inclined, you could even get them for free!

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