The Asgardian Trade Commission Special 8/11/10

Posted on August 11, 2010. Filed under: Reviews |

By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

Well, it’s day 4 of Scott Pilgrim week, and that means it’s time to review Volume 5!  Be sure to come back later for a special announcement, too!

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe (Volume 5)

Oni Press, $11.95

Bryan Lee O’Malley

Volume 4 starts off fairly innocently.  I had honestly forgotten that Scott was still supposed to be fighting evil exes, so the fight with the twins kind of blew my mind.  As the story goes on, it kind of loses the cohesion that it had in earlier volumes, which is a shame, but it’s understandable because that’s how life goes sometimes.  Anyway, this volume sees some major problems between Scott and Ramona, and you really feel bad for the guy.  Now, I don’t know if it was O’Malley’s intention, but reading through this, I started to really not like Ramona.  In fact, as the story went on, I thought it would probably be better for Scott if he stopped seeing her all together.  What I get from it, thinking a little bit more deeply on it, is that life is like this.  There are changes that happens, and life is how you respond to the changes that are out of your control.  I hope that makes sense.  Anyway, there are lots of things, and in the movie they’re kind of explained away by a plot device, but not so much in the books, but I can understand that too, because the movie had to shoot for a certain length, while the books had all the room they needed to play with.  As always, O’Malley’s art continues to improve, so that’s not really a surprise, but it is nice to see the characters becoming better defined and more easily identifiable.  Overall, Volume 5 of Scott Pilgrim is decent, but ends much like Empire Strikes back.  It’s a down note, but you know the next volume will make up for it in some way.  If you’ve been reading this far, why stop now?

Ollie’s Beard 3/5

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