Mortals, Take Cover! 7/29/10

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By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

It’s Thursday, and time for another Mortals, Take Cover!  It’s also special, because this post marks my 50th post!  Now, on with the covers!

10. Batman: The Brave and the Bold #19

Batman and Green Lanterns being beaten by Cyborg Superman?  What’s not to like?  This will undoubtedly be some lucky kid’s first experience with Hank Henshaw.  Enjoy it, kid.

9. Wolverine Weapon X #15

Did someone order an excessive amount of guest stars?  Will this finally sell this book?  Maybe, maybe not.

8. World War Hulks: Captain America vs Wolverine #2

I really don’t care too much for the whole World War Hulks thing, but this is a pretty decent Captain America redesign.

7. Green Arrow #2

Hal and Ollie!  Something they haven’t done in really a long while.  I’m really looking forward to the issue, too.

6. Green Lantern Corps #50

So I guess I’m a sucker for Cyborg Superman.  Or Green Lanterns in peril.  One or the other.  What does that say about me?

5. Secret Avengers 3

Only the front part is showing, but this is part of a wraparound cover, and a good wraparound cover gets me every time.  Great use of elements and characters, too.

4. Unknown Soldier #22

A comic cover that, without the title bar, bar code, and names on it, wouldn’t look out of place in a museum.

3. Fantastic Four #581

It’s plain to see that it’s Reed, Ben, and Doom from their college days, and you can tell that because Ben and Victor aren’t deformed, so it really calls attention to them and makes you wander what the deal is with the guy in the foreground.

2. Thor #612

Thor looks so completely badass and partly metal, it’s not even funny.

1. Justice League: Generation Lost #6

It’s a very neat, stylized cover that really catches the eye and piques my interest.

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Wait, is Captain America’s cybernetic arm Hulking out on that cover? How does that work?

Don’t think, just go with it.

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