The Asgardian Trade Commission 7/25/10

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By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

Ok, it’s another beautiful Sunday afternoon, although it’s a little hot.  Why not kick back, relax, and beat the heat by reading what I think about some comics?  A great time will be had by all!  Let’s see what I read this week:

Nova Vol. 1 – Annihilation Conquest

Marvel Comics, $17.99

Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Sean Chen, Scott Hanna, Brian Denham

Collecting Nova #1-7

Nova has a lot of potential as a hero and as a character for me, so I was very pleased when I was able to pick up a bunch of Nova collections on the cheap at the last convention I went to.  Starting with this one, the first in his most recent solo series, it’s a fun read.  Coming directly from the events of Annihilation(don’t worry if you haven’t read that, they’ll tell you about the events that took place, at length), Richard Rider is the last member of the Nova Corps, Galactic police officers.  Sharing a residence in his head is the Worldmind, a Kree intelligence initially designed to run the entire Corps by giving instruction on the use of the Nova Force and providing assignments.  It’s a glorified police dispatcher for Marvel’s answer to the Green Lanterns, really.

Just because it seems a bit derivative doesn’t mean it’s not a lot of fun, though. This is a book that remembers that the character already has roots in the Marvel Universe and uses those to tell a story about the human inside the helmet, even if he does have near limitless power.  They accomplish this by bringing back characters from Nova’s past to interact with him, whether they’re using old New Warriors teammates, people he worked with during Annigilation, or just his family(which, surprisingly, doesn’t lead to a “woman in the fridge” scenario).  Abnett and Lanning(BoB favorites, as you’ll recall) also do a pretty decent job of bringing in plot threads that will be resolved later, things like a techno virus that Richard contracts, or an odd instance of activity from the Worldmind.  I usually think that guest stars for the purpose of guest stars is pretty lame, but this book features a bump from the big man in the Marvel Universe at the time, Iron Man, and it makes sense and doesn’t feel forced, so there’s something.  I don’t really have any comments about the art.  It works to convey the story, but it’s really nothing spectacular.  Overall, there are worse things that you could spend your money on than a collection of Nova stories like this, and the only real problem with them is that once you get one, you’ll want to read more.  They’re kind of like Pringles that way.

Volstagg’s Beard 4/5

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