Mortals, Take Cover! 6/24/10

Posted on June 24, 2010. Filed under: Reviews |

By Erik Lewis, Lead Blogger

Another Thursday, another installment of Mortals, Take Cover!

10. Franken-Castle #18

It’s really a simple cover, but I like the monster movie feeling that it has to it

9. Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! #17

It really makes you wonder what’s going on in the book, and has a sense of child-like wonder to it that I really like

8. Zatanna #2

One of my favorite reads from the last time it was out, this cover gets a nod simply from an amazing retro layout.

7. Ultimate Avengers 2 #4

This one should honestly probably be a little higher up the list, like #9 or #10 but I picked it because while there’s no way I’m buying this book, the cover does a good job in making me intrigued.

6. Air #22

I have to go on the record as saying I have no clue what Air is about, but this cover looks really awesome, and it may only be because I have no clue what it’s about.

5. Thunderbolts #145

I’m a sucker for any cover with the Juggernaut charging like that, and I have to say that every Marvel cover should have Man-Thing.

4. Detective Comics #866

I’m picking this cover and putting it so close to the best solely based on nostalgia from seeing the old Batman and Robin designs alone.

3. Power Girl #13

I like this image because, unlike a lot of Power Girl covers, it escapes being cheesecake and moves on to what could be considered an iconic image of the character.

2. Fantastic Four #580

Ever since the Spider-Man and X-Men video game, I’ve loved Arcade, so that’s one reason to put this near the top, but I also love it because of how much is going on.  There’s something to look at on every inch of this cover.

1. Heralds #4

The top spot, though, belongs to Heralds, for the simple fact that the cover artist drew what look like they could be actual women, ones that you would see in everyday life, and not supermodel caricatures.  A bold move, I love it.

And that’ll do it for this week’s covers!  Come back next week to see what I think of next week’s books!

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