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It’s been a decent week for comics, got a few that I actually forgot were coming out, and was pleasantly surprised by quality in most cases.  As always, I pick up my comics at Comics and Paperbacks Plus in Palmyra, PA.  You can find them on Facebook here or here, or you can stop in if you find yourself in Central Pennsylvania. You can also follow me on Twitter, just to see what I think of my books as I read them!  Here’s what I got:

Avengers Prime #1
The Torch #8
Red Robin #13
Serenity: Float Out #1
Nemesis: The Impostors #4
Thor and the Warriors Four #3
Mice Templar: Destiny #9
Justice Society of America #39
Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1
The Great Ten #8
iZombie #2
Birghtest Day #3
The Thanos Imperative #1
Heralds #1

Check out what I thought after the jump!

Avengers Prime #1

Marvel Comics, $3.99

Brian Michael Bendis, Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, Javier Rodriguez

This book was one I was kind of looking forward to, maybe even more than any of the other recent Avengers launches.  It starts off almost exactly after the defeat of Norman Osborn and the Sentry during Siege, but it almost has to be after the ending, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it takes place.  It starts off kind of like you’d expect, with Tony and Steve yelling at each other while Thor digs the ball of his foot into the dirt, holding his hammer in one hand and sheepishly looking down, saying “Uhh…guys?  Little help here?”  I jest.  The first issue of this miniseries does a great job of explaining why they’re all together, but keeps enough mysterious to make you want to come back for the second issue.  A fun read, but not the best of the week.

Ollie’s Beard 3/5

Serenity: Float Out #1

Dark Horse Comics, $3.50

Patton Oswalt, Patric Reynolds, Joss Whedon(Executive Producer)

I’m a fan of Serenity and Firefly, and if you’re not, I’m going to spoil part of a 5-year-old movie now, this book takes place after the events of the movie, where Wash dies.  A crew of a new space ship, all apparently linked to Wash in some way, are christening the ship in his honor, and they take turns telling stories that take the key points of the character and showcase them in a very respectful way.  Whether it’s his sense of humor, his piloting abilities, or his honor, everything is handled with the utmost care and professionalism by writer Patton Oswalt.  I must say, when I heard he was writing, I was a bit skeptical.  I like the guy as a comedian, and I know he’s a comic fan and had worked with Joss Whedon on Dollhouse, but I wasn’t sure that with his comedic sensibilities he would be able to do all the aspects of Wash’s character justice.  I have to say he proved me wrong, and I’m glad for it.  This is a must-read for any Serenity/Firefly fans.

Volstagg’s Beard 4/5

Justice Society of America #39

DC Comics, $2.99

Bill Willingham, Jesus Merino, Jesse Delperdang

I have to say honestly, I haven’t been really enjoying the last few issues of Justice Society.  They’ve been doing a dystopian future/alternate time line thing that just hasn’t seemed right to me.  This issue, specifically the ending, changed all of that for me.  It’s this issue where not only do you get to see the execution of Mr. Terrific’s plan in the future, but you also finally get to understand the ultimate goal he was going for.  There are quite a few death moments, a few too many for any of them to really mean anything, and even a few deus ex machina moments too, but even taking them into account, Willingham manages to reveal enough to give all of his issues since the start of his run a little extra meaning, which is no small task.  I’m kind of glad I kept getting this book.

Ollie’s Beard 3/5

Thor and the Warriors Four #3

Marvel Comics, $2.99

Alex Zalben, Gurihuru, Colleen Coover

Man, and I thought the last issue was as fun as this book could get.  Zalben really knows how to write a book that’s truly an all ages story.  There are lots of things in there for kids, and even quite a few gags for adults to read a little bit further into.  Also, baby Asgardians, Baby Doctor Donald Blake, and Baby Beta Ray Bill are adorable!  One of the highlights of the book is when the Power Pack are forced to fight a giant squirrel(that, with the mention of the babies, should be enough for you to be buying this book RIGHT NOW), in what is a truly epic fight scene.  Also a point to this book’s credit is the scheme that Loki comes up with.  It’s a scheme worthy of classic Marvel comics, maybe even Walt Simonson caliber, only it’s been adjusted for a younger audience.  This is honestly one of the best comics I’ve read in quite some time.  Major kudos are due to the creative team for this one.

Volstagg’s Beard 4/5

iZombie #2

DC/Vertigo, $2.99

Chris Roberson, Michael Allred

I have to say, I wasn’t very impressed with the first issue of this series, and while the second issue has me a little more interested and involved, I’m not sure how much longer this one’s going to stay on my pull list.  The book looks pretty good, and it’s easy to see why Allred is such a name in the industry, it’s just that the story seems a little tired, with all kinds of monster movie cliches inhabiting the page and chewing scenery.  Underneath all off that, if you can get past it, though, is what seems to be the makings of a fairly interesting detective story.  There are layers and threads, and those parts are what will get me to buy the third issue, but all the rest really is quite a lot to look past.  If you’re on a budget, I’d say skip this one or at the most wait for the trade.

Batroc’s Beard 2/5

The Thanos Imperative #1

Marvel Comics, $3.99

Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Miguel Sepulveda, Jay David Ramos

This is the best book I read this week.  Hands down.  It manages to explain some things I’ve complained about from the previous week’s offerings as well as take its time introducing the new characters and introducing all the players that will be crucial to the story.  The new characters, the ones from the “cancerverse”, are a well used concept, that of the evil twin, but manage to be designed well enough to make them interesting.  The biggest thing that makes this the best book of the week for me, though, is Thanos’s change from mindless destructor back to his traditional, intelligent, and frankly scary self.  That, and this sees the return of Drax’s 90’s costume.  This book promises big things, and it’s going to be great fun to see where it takes those promises.

Odin’s Beard 5/5

And that’s it for this week!  Be sure to check the blog next Monday, as I’ll be at Wizard World(or Comic Con, if you want to call it that) in Philadelphia all weekend.  If you’re there too, feel free to try and track me down!

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