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Hey everybody!  I hope you enjoyed last week’s catch-up session.  It was also a big week in that we saw the first of a feature that should be popping up from time to time, The Week in Trade with Wes Gilleland.  Wes did a great job reviewing a Metal Men trade, and it’s worth a read.  So if you haven’t yet, go read it now!  It’s ok, I’ll wait.  You’re back?  Pretty good, right?  Now, on with reviews!  As always, I pick up my comics at Comics and Paperbacks Plus in Palmyra, PA.  You can find them on Facebook here or here, or you can stop in if you find yourself in Central Pennsylvania. You can also follow me on Twitter, just to see what I think of my books as I read them!  Here’s what I got:

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1
First Wave #2
The Flash #2
Human Target #4
The Unwritten #13
Amazing Spider-Man #631
Dark Avengers #16
Prince of Power #1
Hulk #22
Incredible Hulk #609
Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed #3
New Avengers Finale #1
Siege #4
Siege: Embedded #4
Marvels Project #8
The Sentry: Fallen Sun #1
B.P.R.D.: Kind of Fear #5
Batman #699

And check out what I thought after the jump!

Batman #699

DC Comics, $2.99

Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea

Brilliant conclusion to the Riddle Me This story.  I especially love seeing Dick pull the tough-guy Batman routine against Firefly, and the pieces fit together perfectly for the conclusion that is reached.  I’m not quite sure exactly what happened with Blackspell at the send, but I have to say that I’m just a little disappointed with how it all ends for the Riddler, especially with how good he was in Gotham City Sirens.  I have a feeling that we won’t be seeing Edward Nigma in any DC books for quite some time.  The art style in the book really fits the story very well, it’s very balanced, and works perfectly to move the story along.  All in all, this book is a pretty good effort.

Volstagg’s Beard 4/5

Hulk #22

Marvel Comics, $3.99

Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness

More World War Hulks.  It’s interesting how Rulk is able to fend off the onslaught of the hulked out heroes by turning them against each other, with some pretty fantastic results, like Thor versus Storm, and the Human Torch versus Iceman.  What isn’t interesting is that that’s practically all this book is.  It doesn’t really seem to be building towards anything in particular, and the ending doesn’t really seem to fit with the ending for Incredible Hulk this week either.  Cap that all off with the fact that I was able to figure out who Rulk was about 10-15 issues ago, and that makes it one of the most predictable books that I’ve read in quite a long time, and I have a problem with that.  The only thing that keeps the book from being worthless is McGuinness’ art which, as always, is stunning to behold.  I’ve been saying it for months, and I can finally do it: this book is getting crossed off my pull list.

Superman’s Beard 1/5

The Flash #2

DC Comics, $2.99

Geoff Johns, Francis Manapul

I have to say that I think the basic concept behind the Renegades is fantastic, and the way that Barry handles them is even better, but even for me the part where he rebuilds an apartment building seems a little bit too much.  Still, though, this first story arc seems to be coming to something, and I can’t wait to see more of Barry and more of Captain Boomerang.  Manapul’s art shines in the book, making scenes where Barry is moving impossibly fast feel incredibly frenetic, and making scenes where he’s not feel well paced and easier to follow.  All in all, this book is worth every penny you will pay for it, and will likely pay off in a big way for Flash fans in the future.

Volstagg’s Beard 4/5

Prince of Power #1

Marvel Comics, $3.99

Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Reilly Brown, Terry Pallot

This is the perfect jumping on point for anyone(like me) who didn’t hear about the awesomeness that was Pak and Van Lente’s Incredible Hercules until too late.  This issue continues the story that Fall of an Avenger left off with, and does so in a very interesting way.  It’s a little hard to tell exactly what’s going on, but I think all the blanks will start to fill in before too long.  Brown’s artwork is stellar, fun to look at, and, as I’ve heard elsewhere, makes super-genius a visually interesting super power.  If you’re going to pick this one up, though, I would say do it for the sound effects.  I just paged through to look at them again, and some of them still can make me crack up by looking at them.  Seriously, if this is what the Heroic Age is going to be like, I can’t wait to read more of it.

Odin’s Beard 5/5

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1

DC Comics, $3.99

Grant Morrison, Chris Sprouse, Karl Story

Grant Morrison finally continues the story that was started in the last pages of Final Crisis, but unlike Final Crisis, this story is pretty easy to follow.  It’s interesting to see that Bruce and the Daily Planet’s time capsule ended up in the same era, and all of the cavemen he encounters present interesting and engaging, if a little one-dimensional, personae.  It’s also nice to see that even though he’s suffering from some form of amnesia, Bruce Wayne as a character retains some instinctive knowledge of his time as Batman, as shown through his reaction to the caveman named Joker and his instinctive fighting skills.  I think probably the most interesting things, though, is the appearance of a certain antagonistic caveman, the fact that Bruce only remains in one time period through an eclipse, and the image of the pearl necklace.  I thought the statement made by Superman was a little over the top, so I remain skeptical of that until it’s explained further.  Altogether, though, I like where this is going, and I’m interested to follow the story threads further.

Ollie’s Beard 3/5

Siege #4

Marvel Comics, $3.99

Brian Michael Bendis, Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales, Laura Martin

I’ve heard a lot of praise and a lot of negativity over this book, and frankly I can understand both sides, but let me start off by saying that I actually do enjoy what this book accomplishes.  Sure, it may be over the top, a little contrary to what the title is supposed to be building towards, and a little contrary to some of the tie-ins that go with it, but I think, given time, it will all work out in the end.  There are some deaths in this issue, but I honestly don’t believe that they’ll truly stick for too long.  Maybe the length of time that Thor was “dead,” but I don’t think they’ll be forever.  And I think that ultimately the point of the story was to move towards a new type of storytelling over event-driven stories, which I think is able to happen after this ending.  Most of all, though, I’m excited to see what happens next in the Avengers story.  About the art: much like every other issue of Siege, the art is very well done.  Not much more I can say about it other than that.  For readers looking to bridge the gap between Osborne’s Dark Reign and the new Heroic Age, I feel this is required reading.

Ollie’s Beard 3/5

And that’ll do it this week.  If there’s anything you’d like to see reviewed, or a book you’d think I’d like, drop me a note in the comments or send me a message on Twitter.  Until next time, keep your noses in the funny books!

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